Take 3

November 15th, 2005

Okay, so I've promised twice now to start updating more often. And twice I've fallen down on the job.

This will happen no longer! As you can see, changes are already being made around here. I've replaced the content management system I was using, WordPress, with a shiny new installation of Movable Type. It'll probably take a while for me to update the templates and stuff, but at the end this site will renovated, both on the surface and beneath the hood.

I've edited the end of this blog post a bunch of times, trying to explain the direction in which I'm trying to take this site, until I realized: I'm not exactly sure which direction this site will be going. I'd like to play around with making this a tumblelog as opposed to a weblog, and I'd also really like to get a portfolio up on here. When it comes down to it, though, I guess I'll just do what I have been and let it sort of grow organically.

That is, I think, my favorite part of the design process.

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@viinsanity On the other hand, she is DEFINITELY guilty of AT LEAST harassment, and I have no idea why they didn't charge her with that. #
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